Pick Your Own Colors – FLAT Shoelaces


Choose your own, custom made bi-colored shoelaces. The only shoelace you can buy with your custom colors and lengths when teaching someone to tie their shoes.

*You pick what color you want on side 1
*You then pick the color you want on side 2
*100% cotton
*Made in the USA with USA materials
*Lengths available 36″, 45″, 54″, 63″ 72″
*Contact us if you need different colors not seen on the website
*The shoe size shown is a size 9 with 6 pair of aglets (6 holes on each side)

Haven’t seen the color combo you want? You can pick your own two colors of the colors we have and make your custom flat shoelace.

If you want two shoelaces just different colors…that’s ok. For example, maybe you want one shoelace all red and the other shoelace all green.

You can use your own colors for anyone who struggles with tying their shoes by picking two different colors per shoelace. Our recommendation is to pick contrasting colors. If you choose this option, it will make it easier for anyone to “see” how the next step goes. Great for pre-schools, parents, OT’s (occupational therapists) or anyone else who is trying to help someone learn to tie their shoes.

Parents have told us about kids living with autism experiencing success using our shoelaces. Tying shoes is an ADL they can conquer using our shoelaces, giving them a feeling of independence.

However, maybe you are a FAN-tastic sports fan or need school spirit wear….

Again, choose whatever school/team colors you need for the high school student, college bound person or sports fan. Spirit teams will match down to their shoes.
Going to a party to cheer on your favorite team? We will set you up in style with your favorite team colors.

Whether you are teaching someone to tie their shoes or a sports fan, this is TRULY the customized colored shoelace. All our shoelaces are dyed by hand and custom made in any available length or color we carry.

For the best experience, choose the length that is closest to the current shoelace. Each purchase contains 1 pair of shoelaces (or 2 shoelaces total).


36" (91.44cm), 45" (114.3cm), 54" (137.16cm), 63" (160.02cm), 72" (182.88cm)

Color Side 1

Black, Gold, Green, Light Purple, Navy Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

Color Side 2

Black, Gold, Green, Light Purple, Navy Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow


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